Karousel: a virtual supply chain

The opportunity to have at your service a group of companies, leaders within their field of expertise, which may help guide you with  decisions and solutions to permit more cost efficiency and productivity.

A “virtual supply/manufacturing chain”, simulating the entire process of events that occur within a “manufacturing plant”, with its main scope to aid improvement and better manage the process.
Karousel (the name allocated to the group the companies adhering to the “virtual supply chain”), is available to support, assist and provide guidance with any necessary change or issue. The attention and assistance is provided by each individual company participant, each one pertinent to its own field of expertise:


  • Mesgo SpA – Leader in Compounding Solutions
  • Gibitre – Leader in Laboratory Instruments for Rubber and Plastic website
  • OR.P.Stampi – Leader in Development, Design and Construction of Moulds and Peripheral Devices website
  • Maplan – Leader in the Development and Construction of custom Rubber Injection Press website
  • Gamma Stampi – Leader in design of Mechanical Applications, robotics and tear-trim tools website
  • UTP Vision – Leader in sophisticated Artificial Visual Control Systems website

This initiative to allow customers, who already have experience within the industry, to take advantage of Karousel, either individually or in one of the varius events (exhibitions, open day,..) as a meeting point, to initiate and/or continue negotiations of existing/new projects. The initiative is also to permit new customers, an analysis of a diversified technology within a ”production chain” for rubber moulded parts, using this opportunity as a time for comprehension.

You can find further information on website: www.karousel.it