When quality is a matter
of difference

It is only from controlled and well-managed processes that excellent products and services are born to satisfy always more demanding customers’ needs, especially regards quality.

The first point which MESGO wants to achieve is the complete satisfaction of its customers. It has therefore implemented a management and organization policy that allows promoting, developing and supporting all activities targeted to reach following main objectives:

  • Produce and deliver materials compliant with customers’ requirements, in compliance with the mandatory legislative requirements regarding environmental protection and safety in the workplace
  • Keep a high customer service level
  • Offer an appropriate technical assistance to customers
  • Constantly improve production efficiency
  • Constantly keep an eye on the company technological, structural and business development.
  • Promote and maintain a steady improvement process headed to well-identified goals by assuring constant overview and control


The following companies of the MESGO group have opted for a certified Quality System that complies with the Norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015