a successfull Italian company

MESGO group – today one of the most important European compounders – has always been pursuing customer satisfaction and has made the customer service its leitmotif by offering an outstanding adaptability and a fast lead time to meet any kind of request.


MESGO was founded in 1996 to produce synthetic rubber (EPDM, NBR, CR, HNBR, ACM, CSM, AU, ECO, EU, AEM, IR, BR) and natural rubber compounds (NR, SBR, SN), both black and coloured. The production of silicon and fluoro-carbon compounds developed afterwards.

To secure customised solutions for the customer, MESGO can provide from the Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) and Gorlago (BG) plants a unique offer on a whole range of elastomers, from the most common to special and even high-performance elastomers at an always competitive quality/price ratio.

In 2015 MESGO became a European leader in supplying silicone compounds, not only due to the huge amount of silicone produced, but also to the high technical level of the compounds able to meet the request of a huge number of sectors. This is, especially so in environments where innovation is the main requirement.

MESGO is known worldwide as one of the 8 most important players in the silicone market (Source: international market analysis).

MESGO Polska

The plant of Tomaszòw Mazowiecki (approx. 150 km from Varsaw) was opened in 2007 for the production of silicone rubber compounds. MESGO Polska offers customised solutions and technical assistance to the Eastern European and Russian markets. It is an important reference point not only for local companies, but also for international corporations operating in the field of moulding and extrusion, who have chosen these countries to outsource their industrial manufacturing for automotive and household appliances.

Besides the production of silicone compounds, MESGO Polska operates as an important distribution point to all Eastern European countries for other company products, especially fluoro-carbon, synthetic and natural rubber compounds.

MESGO Iride Colors

MESGO Iride Colors started in 2013 after the activity of Iride Colors being taken over.  The company is located in Garlasco (PV) and has been dealing since its foundation back in 1989 with the production of additives and pigment masterbatches, to colour thermoplastic compounds and rubbers, additives and colorant masterbatches for HCR and LSR silicone.

Thanks to MESGO Iride Colors it has been possible to enlarge the product range outside the rubber compounds sector so as to offer our customers an always wider product range to choose from, and to assure at the same time competence, quality, technical, and production support.

Another step in this growing offer project occurred in 2015 with the acquisition of Guzzetti Master (absorbed by MESGO Iride Colors in 2017) and of 3A Mcom, an important production plant in Grigno (TN) specialized in the supply of additives for the plastic sector and thermoplastic compounds, respectively.

MESGO Iride Colors consistently offers customised products that can meet both customers’ and the market’s specific requirements.


MESGO Asia was founded in 2014, with the production of silicone rubber compounds officially starting in the beginning of 2016 due to the opening of a plant in the Asian part of Istanbul. It is strategically located just a few minutes by car from Istanbul’s second international airport  (Sabiha Gokcen), close to the Ankara highway and gateway to the industrial area of Bursa.

Besides the direct selling of silicone rubber compounds in Turkey and in the Middle Eastern market, MESGO Asia supplies the same territories all of the other products of the group. It also provides tolling services to all those producers willing to concentrate their investments in their own core business (extrusion, moulding), and to delegate a reliable partner for the blending phase of silicone compounds.