25 years of experience
and success

25 years after its foundation, MESGO is today a group of 6 companies. The group has diversified its product range and invested in a unique and wide range of compounding solutions in Europe, taking a consistent international approach starting in 2006 with the very first  branch abroad.


The activity of MESGO begins with the production of synthetic (EPDM, NBR, CR, HNBR, ACM, CSM, AU, ECO, EU, AEM, IR, BR) and natural rubber compounds (NR, SN), both black and coloured, in the Castelli Calepio plant (BG) until 2012.


MESGO starts the production of ready-to-use silicone compounds. From 1999 to 2008 it is defined as exclusive compounder for GE Bayer Silicones and later for Momentive Performance Materials focusing the attention to the formulation of addition-cured systems. The production of silicone rubber compounds takes place from 2000 in the Gorlago (BG) plant.


A new investment in the Gorlago plant for the production of fluoro-carbon rubber compounds offers  a complete range of rubber compounds to the customer.


The new branch company MESGO Polska opens 150 km from Warsaw. It serves both as a production plant of silicone rubber compounds and as a distributor of other products developed by MESGO to Eastern Europe and  Russia.


The whole production of synthetic and organic rubber compounds is moved to Carobbio degli Angeli after completing the construction of the the new plant. This important investment allows more productivity and a better product quality.


Another step in offering an always-wider product selection outside rubber compounds comes to light with the constitution of MESGO Iride Colors by taking over the business of Iride Colors, a company located in Garlasco. It operates in the production of additives and pigment masterbatches to colour thermoplastics and rubbers, additives and colorant for liquid and solid silicone.

The SGR Italian Investment Fund (FMI in Italian) invests, even with a small percentage, in the company capital of MESGO to support the group with its international development plan. MESGO enters in the ELITE project of the Italian Stock Exchange.


MESGO Asia opens near Istanbul for the in-house production of silicone rubber compounds and to offer a different variety of services, such as tolling and distribution of the whole group’s product range in the Middle East.


Thanks to the acquisitions of Guzzetti Master (absorbed by MESGO Iride Colors in 2017) and 3A Mcom (based in Grigno, Trento), MESGO includes in its product range flame-resistant additives for the plastic industry and thermoplastic compounds (PE, PP, PA, PVC, PS, etc.).


MESGO joins Hexpol Group, which has taken 80% of their shares, aiming to continue growing and accelerating the international expansion. Hexpol is a top player in the compound industry worldwide.
In 2020 Hexpol takes the remaining 20% of MESGO shares.