High Performance Compounding solutions for any need

Today, the MESGO group is an important reference point for all your products requests in the rubber and plastic materials industry.
We offer one of the most complete range of products across Europe. These include organic, silicone, fluoro-carbon rubber and thermoplastic compounds, as well as all the necessary additives and pigments to complete the production process.

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Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber (VMQ and FMVQ) is a highly versatile elastomer that can be used in many diverse sectors. Industrial grades of silicone rubber are generally based on polydimethylsiloxanes, partially substituted with other organic groups such as alkyl, vinyl or phenyl, which regulate respectively the processability, reticulation and resistance to low temperatures.

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rubber compounds

Among the other rubber classes, fluoro-elastomers (FKM or FPM and FFKM) show the best properties in terms of resistance to fire and to chemical agents due to the high content of fluorine and to the intrinsic stability of the carbon-fluorine bond.

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Synthetic and natural
rubber compounds

Organic rubber family includes a wide variety of elastomer materials. Polymers adopted in organic rubber compounds can be the simple plain rubber tree coagulated latex or the enormous variety of products developed in the years by the petrochemical industry such as EPM, EPDM, NBR, SBR and CR among the most common grades, HNBR, ACM, EU, AU, ECO, CSM etc.

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Thermoplastic compounds are a class of material whose base resin is of thermoplastic nature, formed by polymer chains interacting through intermolecular interactions (Van Der Waals forces) and generating a 3D structure, more or less entangled.

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Masterbatches for polymers mass colouring are concentrates that transform thermoplastic and thermoset polymers from colourless and opaque materials to brilliant and coloured.

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Additive masterbatches

Additives are ingredients pivotal for polymers’ employment success. Without antioxidant additives, for example, all products made of polypropylene and polyethylene largely used both for private and industrial purposes would not be available.

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Thanks to constant investment and know-how gained over time,
the MESGO group is structured with 6
technology and process cutting-edge production plants.

Organic rubber production

Carobbio degli Angeli plant
production capacity of 15,000 Ton/year

Silicone rubber production

Gorlago, Tomaszòw Mazowiecki (Poland) and Çayırova (Turkey) plants
production capacity of 19,300 Ton/year

Fluoro-carbon rubber production

Gorlago plant
production capacity of 3,000 Ton/year

Pigment masterbatches production

Grigno and Garlasco plants
production capacity of 9,000 Ton/year.

Thermoplastic compounds production

Grigno plant
production capacity of 12,800 Ton/year

Additive masterbatches production

Gorlago, Garlasco and Grigno plants
production capacity of 4,000 Ton/year.