Model 231 and
code of Ethics

MESGO has adopted its model of organisation, management, and control pursuant to Italian Decree 8 June 2001, no. 231, and subsequent amendments and integrations (“Model 231”).

The Model 231 consists of a general part – which describes its contents and goals – and a special part – which identifies the criminal offences relevant to the company’s activity, along with the internal principles of conduct.

The Model 231’s main goal is the implementation of an effective internal control system capable of mitigating the risk of commission of criminal offences and, eventually, exempting MESGO from liability.

Integral part of the Model 231 is the Code of Ethics, which sets forth the key values of business ethics the MESGO Group recognises as its own: legality, honesty, transparency, and professional rigour.


Should you wish to receive a copy of the general part of the Model 231 and/or the Code of Ethics, please write to