Research and development:
the pillars of the Group’s competitiveness

The highly qualified personnel of the group’s R&D center is not only dedicated to research and development activities, but act also as a support to its technical staff to assure competitivity and sustainability for future growth.

The R&D center was opened in 2015 in the Gorlago plant, where analytic services and radical developments of the group have been centralised.

The R&D center is equipped with:

  • Specialised and dedicated personnel
  • Two pilot lines that can scale-down all production technologies of the group
  • State-of-the-art technology for polymer chemical-physical characterization

It is thanks to this that the group’s technical staff can face the challenges of an always evolving market, rapidly-increasing technological improvements and an always shorter product lifecycle.

  • Dedicated LABORATORIES
  • Dedicated PERSONNEL
  • Cutting-edge (State-of-art) TECHNOLOGY
  • SCIENTIFIC METHOD, mathematical model