MESGO Iride Colors

MESGO Iride Colors started in 2013 after the activity of Iride Colors being taken over.  The company is located in Garlasco (PV) and has been dealing since its foundation back in 1989 with the production of additives and pigment masterbatches, to colour thermoplastic compounds and rubbers, additives and colorant masterbatches for HCR and LSR silicone.

Thanks to MESGO Iride Colors it has been possible to enlarge the product range outside the rubber compounds sector so as to offer our customers an always wider product range to choose from, and to assure at the same time competence, quality, technical, and production support.

Another step in this growing offer project occurred in 2015 with the acquisition of Guzzetti Master (absorbed by MESGO Iride Colors in 2017) and of 3A Mcom, an important production plant in Grigno (TN) specialized in the supply of additives for the plastic sector and thermoplastic compounds, respectively.

MESGO Iride Colors consistently offers customised products that can meet both customers’ and the market’s specific requirements.