28 January 2021

Black masterbatches and Conductive compounds

Black masterbatchs are most likely the more widely used colorant in plastics converting industry.

MESGO Iride Colors produces a wide range of black masterbatches, which are characterized depending on carbon black type and concentration, on presence or absence of fillers and on the different base resins: polyolefin resins, styrene resins, BIO resins and GREEN resins.

An additional identification of black masterbatches is related to the type of application for which they are intended to be used and MESGO Iride Colour has products suitable to

·       Packaging (also food-contact, according to EU standards or to American FDA)

·       Film extrusion

·       Sheet extrusion

·       Compounding

·       Automotive

·       Pipes

·       Drums & tanks

·       Etc.

Our black masterbatches, named TangoBlack, contain high quality carbon black, they are characterized by a high level of dispersion homogeneity and pigment concentration constancy, granting a deep intensity of black and an excellent brightness.

We also have carbon black-free formulations, suitable to those applications where it is necessary that the artifacts are visible to infrared systems, the so called NIR systems.

Conductive thermoplastic compounds are used for the production of artifacts where electrostatic discharge is necessary, in protections of damages which could be caused by electricity.

They are manufactured with the use of special carbon black and they are used for the production, for example, of

·       packaging of electronic items

·       special flooring

·       containers for dangerous goods;

·       bags for the transport of dangerous powders

·       medical devices

·       pipes for the transport of flammable materials

·       furniture for IT workplaces

·       cellular phones

·       items for ATEX environments

MESGO Iride Colours currently produces the following grades of conductive compounds:

·       PVC for flooring

·       PVC for pipes

·       Polypropylene for pipes