23 May 2020

Fluoroelastomer compound FKM

Fluoroelastomers  (FKM) were first introduced in 1957 for applications in the aerospace industry

Tanks to the high fluorine-carbon bonding energy and to a saturated and polar backbone, fluoroelastomer is the thermoset with the highest chemical and heat resistance

Today FKM is key in many automotive and industrial applications, with a continuous growth that follows the technological developments.

Talking about FKM or FFKM is an oversimplification since within these two families exist many polymers with different monomers or curing systems, that give them strongly differing chemical and physical properties

Automotive applications make up 60% of consumption and are widely known as well as that of the chemical, oil and semicon industry.

Nowadays the medical sector is evolving fast and FKM is becoming key also for new applications in this field.

Every day I receive questions about current certifications, therefore I will try to take stock of the situation.