14 February 2020 / Ads

MESGO Asia: already 5 years!

“It sounds yesterday when during a board meeting in Italy MESGO management decided to set up a plant in Turkey to produce silicone rubber compounds, and it sounds far away the time I spent in the last 4 years commuting almost every week in Turkey to follow up the plant construction, the machines lay out, the hiring process, the contact with customers. It was challenging for all of us, but today after 5 years I can say we have a state of art of production , laboratory, office and , most important , our local Management Team! And , last but not least, that it was a great personal experience, with a lot of fun despite time to time it was quite hard!

We lost some people on the way, as normal, but we found new one, with the same commitment and willingness to succeed. We started “yavaş yavaş”, with few equipment, few people, and gradually we invested in order to create a modern and efficient production environment, that is taking care about environment, people safety, quality and housekeeping.

Thanks to our Team, but also to our customers, we have being able to find our way in Turkey, becoming a strong and solid reality for Silicone Rubber Compounding and an important distribution hub for other non-silicone compounds.

HEXPOL took over MESGO Group back in October 2018, today after 1 year the strategy is clear and doubtless: “We want to become number 1 in the world in High Performance Compounding”. That means we will support and push MESGO Asia to be one of the key player in this new strategic posture, both looking at organic growth with new projects and selected acquisitions where it make sense.

Economy in the area was and it will be up and down, as we expected, but the economic bases are still valid for Turkey, that I personally consider a great country for its people and the efforts made in the last 30 year to become a modern country, with great infrastructures, universities, hospitals.

So, good anniversary MESGO Asia Team, keep going on as today, with honesty, integrity and passion for business, future is yours!”

Giorgio Cabrini