01 March 2017 / Ads

MESGO-SIGMASOFT partnership for the simulation of silicone rubber moulding

A recent partnership with SIGMASOFT®, established during an open day occurred last year in March at new Turkish MESGO Asia plant in Cocaeli – Instanbul – allows MESGO offering a new possibility to his customers.

SIGMASOFT® is a German company leader in the creation of virtual moulds.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, MESGO has selected and provided the necessary characterization to model three different silicone rubber compounds, now available during the virtual simulations with SIGMASOFT®.

The next major release of SIGMASOFT® database will include one fluoro-silicone and two silicone rubber compounds. The materials are a red 75 ShA VMQ for O-ring applications, a black 70 ShA high tear strength VMQ and a multi-purpose 70 ShA blue FVMQ.

Learn more about SIGMASOFT® on their official homepage: http://www.sigmasoft.de/