Colour masterbatches


Masterbatches for polymers mass colouring are concentrates that transform thermoplastic and thermoset polymers from colourless and opaque materials to brilliant and coloured. The craft of polymer colouring is not only a matter of knowing the basics of the colours perception optical phenomena, but also understanding the reactions that pigments and dyes can have with base resin, mineral fillers and additives as well as the material final application and the processes undertaken. There are soluble colorant substances (dyes) and insoluble substances (pigments) that can be organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic. Combinations of these types of ingredients are contained in the modern masterbatches along with other non-colouring additives. It is through this complexity that it is possible to develop strength, depth and resistance to colours.


Some of the masterbatch must-have characteristics required by the market are:

  • High concentration for a high coverage capacity with low impact on the polymer’s properties
  • Uniform distribution for high-throughput processes
  • Easy dosing for process automation
  • Stability at process conditions
  • Stability at employment conditions
  • Transparency or opacity based on request
  • Possibility to create special effects such as fluorescence, opalescence, glittering etc.
  • Absence of heavy metals or harmful ingredients for the manufacturing of articles in contact with food, potable water or medical devices, etc.


MESGO Iride Colors has developed  a new line of coloured  masterbatches particularly suitable with most of the compostable polymers.

Based on biodegradable polyester and derived from natural and renewable resources, all these coloured masterbatches are particularly indicated for injection moulding , films and thermoforming applications.

All Masterbatches Bio conform to EN13432.


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