White masterbatches


White concentrates are a special family of products used for the mass colouration of thermoplastic materials. These products are generally obtained by dispersing titanium dioxide into the various resins. The most common titanium dioxide has a rutile crystal structure, characterized by high refractive index, high reflectance and low chemical reactivity. This translates into a highly covering formulation, high light resistance and great thermal resistance. Depending on the application, white concentrates can be formulated with different pigment quantities, or even be extended with high quality calcium carbonate, for less critical applications. The most common base resins are PE, EVA, PP, PS, ABS.


The main characteristics of white masterbatches for mass colouring thermoplastic materials are:

  • Great colouring and covering properties
  • Excellent dispersion, at high pigment concentration as well
  • Dispersion uniformity
  • High granule dimension uniformity, for efficient dosing
  • Great processability for extrusion and moulding
  • UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • Thermal resistance
  • Compliance with national and international standards

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