06 September 2021


MESGO Iride Colors, part of the HEXPOL High Performance Compounding division, offers masterbatches for colouring plastic, liquid and solid silicone, organic and fluorocarbon compounds.

The wide variety of colour masterbatches produced by MESGO Iride Colors allows to develop solutions that cover a wide range of applications and satisfy customer needs.

In the last few years, requests made by the industry and by consumers for green alternatives and polymers of fossil origin have increased. The objective is to have more sustainable products and with a lower impact on the environment.

The spread of biodegradable polymers has made biopolymer colouring more and more important, requiring the development of colour masterbatches created starting from biodegradable polymers in order to minimize the presence of non-organic components in finished products.

Always mindful of product sustainability and environmental impact, MESGO Iride Colors has widened its portfolio by adding a selection of colour masterbatches to be used for the pigmentation of materials as PLA, PHA/PHB, PBS, PBAT, without compromising biodegradability and compostability.

MASTERBATCHES BIO are developed by using polylactic acid, which derives from natural ad renewable sources, as polymer base. They can be used for injection moulding, filming and thermoforming.

Thanks to the pigments and carriers used, MASTERBATCHES BIO by MESGO Iride Colors are compliant with EN13432.