03 May 2016

Smart silicone compound

The future belongs to intelligent materials. Not only mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics, but also the ability of responding to electric and magnetic fields, light and heat. Silicone elastomers are suitable for developing intelligent materials thanks to their versatility and unique properties: one above all is ease in colouring, which has always been the distinctive element of this kind of materials.

Recently, MESGO has developed a complete portfolio of compounds that can change colour reversibly in response to heat stimulus (thermochromism). These colour combinations are available to designers who can thus code different thermal situations and increase our perception of the surrounding environment. Architecture and design, but also safety in our houses, for us and especially for the little ones.

The thermochromic silicon butterfly is a full-fledged sensor that can be attached to any surface and indicate whether it is above a certain temperature threshold, 35°C in this case. From blue to red, simple and intuitive.

The butterfly can dive into the water of our bathtub and tell us if we can plunge in without risks:  thermochromism together with suitability to come in contact with drinkable water, typical of silicon compounds.

The butterfly can sit on an induction plate and tell us when it is possible to touch the surface safely: thermochromism together with excellent heat resistance of silicon compounds.

These are only a few examples of what is made possible by these smart materials.