18 February 2021

Sustainable Masterbatches Solution

In portfolio of MESGO Iride Colors there are products for all the applications that involve the use of all thermoplastic resins from post-consumption use.

The products are:

  • Dessicant masterbatch
  • Antioxidant masterbatch
  • Odor free masterbatch
  • NIR black masterbatch
  • rPE colour masterbatch



One of the most frequent problems you may encounter when transforming reconditioned reins is the high content of humidity you can find in the reins themselves. This is normally caused either by the state of the source original materials, the production ?? or by poor storage conditions.

The dessicant masterbatches that MESGO Iride Colors produces will however easily bind to the water molecules and by doing so remove them from the production process.

There are different product types, based on the typology and the concentration of the active ingredients and also depending on the resins support; normally polyethylene resins , or even “second-life” ones, but polypropylene resins  as well.



The antyoxidant masterbatches will prevent the degradation of the polymers while providing at the same time a thermal stability.

They are therefore particularly useful each time the polymers are subjected to several heating cycles which something that happens quite frequently with the regenerated resins.

The MESGO Iride’s antioxidant masterbatches will assure a better quality of the final product, thus enabling the reusing of the internal waste and the usage of a higher percentage of regenerated resins from post-consumption use



An unpleasant side-effect that will often result from the usage of regenerated resins is the presence of bad smells.

However MESGO Iride Colors’s masterbatch odor free will absorb a wide range of odours as they are specifically designed for the usage of regenerated polyethylene and polyethylene.



Although not exactly related to the transformation of the regenerated resins, but nevertheless connected to the new prospects for a legislation that will affect the industry of the plastic materials transformation, the black masterbatch without carbon-black  suitable for infrared rays selection?? are now entering the market with increasing frequency.

For the time being MESGO Iride Colors has developed two formulations of the TANGOBLACK series that are particularly designed for this kind of application.



There is no doubt that Polymers colouring is true passion of MESGO Iride Colors!

We could not therefore fail to include among MESGO Iride Colors products colours masterbatch based on post-consumption use polyethylene

In Garlasco laboratory is now developing several formulations that will soon give our customers the opportunity to offer the market their totally GREEN version of coloured products.