08 March 2016 / Past events

MESGO Asia open day to introduce the Karousel Partners

8-10 March 2016. After only a couple of months from the opening of the silicone rubber manufacturing and commercial site in Istanbul (Kocaeli), the team of Mesgo Asia along with its distributor Solpro organized a great three-days open house in the plant, well set to host Karousel partner stands, equipment and guests. What is Karousel? It is a “virtual network of well established companies dealing with rubber business” , with the aim to support our customers to improve their productivity, quality and efficiency (please visit www.karousel.it to learn more). For the first time in the Turkish rubber business history, a local compounder such as Mesgo was able to bring into one location  silicone rubber mixing equipment, mould design software, mould producer, laboratory quality testing instruments, injection moulding machine, mechanical de-fleshing machine, 3D visual inspection equipment and plenty of expertise to decline the features and the benefits in using those production devices. More than 100 people in three days were supported to a “carousel tour”, having the opportunity to see, touch and talk with some of the most expert rubber personalities in the world.